When I joined TrophySmack in 2018 as Vice President of Marketing, it would have been hard to imagine that in less than three years, the one-year-old start up company would be on one of the world's biggest platforms, become a hugely successful business, and receive an investment from the man himself, Mark Cuban!
That all came to fruition in January 2021 on Season 12, Episode 9 of ABC's Shark Tank when TrophySmack founders Matt & Dax went on the show and made a deal with Cuban. If anyone knows greatness, it's Mark Cuban! 
I have been lucky to create custom championship belts, trophies, and other awesome promotional items for Cuban and many other high profile clients and name brands including Madden NFL 22, Buffalo Wild Wings, Vans, Snapchat, Alice in Chains, NBC Sports, Adam Wainwright/Big League Impact, Matthew Berry's Fantasy Life, the panel of Shark Tank Sharks, and AGBO Films to name a few.
From a sales standpoint, we have seen year over year growth, and that trend looks to continue indefinitely! We have tapped into a massive and underserved market of 60 million fantasy sports players in the United States and millions more overseas.
My day to day responsibilities at TrophySmack include: E-mail Marketing & Automation; Web & E-Commerce Management; Analytics; Sales Reporting; New Product Design & Development; General Creative Direction; and Graphic Design.
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